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Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 6

Lucifer is shown to have a cunning, sneaky personality, like in the anime-exclusive episode 6, where he uses Maou, Ashiya, Chiho and Emi to fetch his forgotten game console from an abandoned classroom under the pretext of finding a way to regain their powers. This also hints at his childishness, preferring to surf the internet and play games rather than help Ashiya with the housework. Due to his attitude, everyone tends to treat him lightly and pay no mind to many of his protests at being excluded from things, such as not having a seat at the table when there are many guests over. He has also self-proclaimed himself as socially awkward when he fell victim of a scam, and has a short temper causing him to yell at others. He is, to an extent, lazy, not even looking away from his computer to eat and yet expecting good meals from Ashiya and Sadao at the same time.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 6


Lucifer is surprisingly good with electronic devices, and possesses some hacking skills (he revealed to Emi that he hacked a human rights website in Vol. 4). It is unknown how much time he and Olba spent on Earth before they started their mugging spree. In episode 6 of the anime, it is revealed that Lucifer owns a PASTA console (PSVita in the real world).

I understand the intent of her, which is to help develop relationships and what have you. However, at the start of the anime, they gave me reason to believe that Alas Ramus played an important role to the anime. Which seemed to be the case when Gabriel came after them in the earlier episode, but now, not so much. If this character is as important as the story suggests Alas Ramus then I expect the final few episodes to be something worth watching.

There are times when an episode is just so good that it threatens anything that comes after it! The previous episode, for example, is one of those hard acts to follow, since it was the climax of several important early plot threads. Not the least of which involved Emi finally realizing she was totally free to act based on her own convictions. Seeing her renew her claim to being a Hero, but this time on her own terms, was just amazing. 041b061a72


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